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April 2024

There Is Love In Me Postmortem: Part 2: Dev's (Kind Of) Furry Porno Game

• Co-Signed April The 7st 2000 + 24 •
Omegle chat where you lose The Game.
Second pic this series with a Cheezburger Network watermark, because Ebaum's World was just too relevant.

After the prior article attempted to justify why a video game made for a video game jam did not have either a video component or a game component, I knew there was something missing from my gargantuanlly loquacious Part 1: a Part 2. Which was implied, honestly. Join me on this increasingly accurately named duology of articles, so that you may gain some insight into my twisted mind, and also hear my justifications on why spending 3,000 hours on RuneScape was a worthy endeavour. No, I haven't maxed. VIEW THE ARTICLE.

There Is Love In Me Postmortem: Part 1: Dev's Furry Porno Story

• Co-Signed March The 22st 2000 + 24 •
What if I had, I don't know, sexy robot tentacles.
Clem from Clementine Comix.

It was a dark and stormy night, and like so many genderqueer bisexuals do, Devin thought about anthropomorphic robots having freaky gay furry fetish sex. From this spark of inspiration came a three-weeks long creative binge that started the first creation of the GAy Robot vidYa Smut mulTiverse U, or "GARY STU" for short. Through that effort, a mighty video game / web novelette / ARG / CTF / text file / Windows broken ZIP support / blatant cop-out thing was created. I could have really used four weeks, but I was busy making this website, and also that juice wasn't potent enough to jumpstart my smut writing. It was the dime bag of juices, you see. That shit is like $2 a gram. VIEW THE ARTICLE.

The Procreation, and therefore Conception, of Disposable Arts

• Co-Signed March The 8st 2000 + 24 •
Bad YouTube thumbnail saying 'Code Like Dream'. The YouTuber.
Blazing 🚀 Fast 🚀 Memory 🚀 Safe 10X Professional Developers VERSUS 500 Open Source Contributors

Alright, now that we know the impetus of why Disposable Arts was founded, how do we get to the point where, you know, it actually gets founded? How was it constructed? What was the process? Did Linus Torvalds visit me in the dead of night to tell me the horrors of BitKeeper? All complex products come from simple elements - and these things, they take time. Coming hot off the heels of my prior exploration into metatextual commentary, this new article details all the little revisions that it took to get my website up and running. VIEW THE ARTICLE.

The Erection of Disposable Arts

• Co-Signed March The 1st 2000 + 24 •
gorilla munch
Spyro is convicted of grand larceny and is punished by being encased in a poorly compressed Web image.

It started when I was working a dead-end job at a dollar store warehouse. Spending eight hours each day walking the aisles of plastic trinkets and off-brand candies gave me more than enough time to spend inside my mind. I was in equal parts awed at the vast and efficient infrastructure I was privy to, and despondent at it all being in service in something so banal. How a Canada-wide system of storage, sorting, and shipping was devoted to a predatory industry that preys on the least wealthy members of our country, selling the lowest-quality products to low-income households, extracting endless amounts of our planet's limited resources in service of refined garbage. If there was anything meaningful in this position, it was provisional, ephemeral, and disposable. VIEW THE ARTICLE.

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